The Vineyard Café & Dinner Theatre -

The Vineyard Café
Where the view is great and the food is better.
(Closed Tuesdays)
       (Kitchen closes 15 minutes before close)                                 
     LUNCH MENU                            
Lighter Fare
             Our bites are baked to order, so please allow extra time.
Parmesan Spinach Bites
  Served with a creamy garlic dressing

  Topped w/Roasted Red Peppers and Pine nuts, served w/flatbread

The Vineyard Flat

Roasted Chicken , romaine, tomato, onion, Gorgonzola cheese on a crispy tortilla , served with Greek dressing

Bett's Bites

Pimento cheese melted on pumpernickel topped with crumbled bacon



Homemade Soup  
Daily Specials     Cup $3.50      Bowl    $5.95


Signature Salads
Prepared Fresh to Order, with your Choice of Dressings
Ranch, Balsamic, House Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Lite Italian, or
               Our House Recipe Vinaigrette's:   Champagne or Apricot
House Salad   
Mixed Greens, Tomato, Red Onion, Black Olives, Cheddar

Soup/Salad Combo
   Cup of Soup and House Salad
 (Upgrade to Specialty Salad below, add:  $2.25)
 Mixed Greens, Roasted Vegetables, Grapes, Pecans, Goat Cheese
Served with our House Champagne Vinaigrette
Mixed Greens, Pears, Roasted Asparagus, Pine Nuts, Gorgonzola
Served with our House Apricot Dressing

Marietta Square “Cobb”
Romaine, Tomato, Hard-Cooked Egg, Bacon,
Red Onion, Avocado, and Cheddar Cheese w/Choice of Dressing. Add Ham and Turkey for $1.95 extra

     Add to any Salad: Chicken Breast, Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad    $2.75
Tea Party “On the Spot”

(Tea tray for 3)

Dessert Tea
Scones with Honey Cream, Assorted Desserts, French Tea Press
                                                   $9.25 per person
Full Tea
  Fresh Fruit, Cup of Soup, Assorted Sandwiches,
Assorted Desserts,Scones with Honey Cream, French Tea Press
                                                  $18.25 per person

   (Tea parties with 6 or more people require 24 hr advance notice 
Cafe Specialties
Choice of: Greek Pasta Salad, “Sweet Potato” Salad, Cole Slaw or Chips
Substitute any side with a House Salad or Cup of Soup         Add   $2.50
(Gluten Free Bread available upon request for an additional $1.00)
Café Croissant
Creamy Chicken Salad with Cranberries and Almonds
Served on a toasted, buttery Croissant

   Classic Harvest Sandwich
Sliced Turkey Breast, Bacon, Cheddar, and
Mixed Greens with our Vineyard Dijon Spread on toasted Raisin Walnut Bread

                                        Panini Cordon Bleu 
Chicken Breast, Swiss Cheese, Smoked Ham, and
Roma Tomato with Garlic Aioli, grilled on Ciabatta Bread;
Served w/Honey Mustard Sauce

Sicilian Eggplant Panini
Italian Breaded Baked Eggplant, Mozzarella,
Tomato, and Fresh Basil with Garlic Aioli; grilled on Ciabatta Bread

Smokin’ Hot Reuben
Smoked Beef Brisket and Swiss Cheese, served “Reuben”
Style on toasted Marble Rye; topped with Cole Slaw and 1000 Island

Home-style Tuna Sandwich
Albacore Tuna Salad with Lettuce, Tomato
And Red Onion on your choice of Croissant or toasted Marble Rye

Veggie Sandwich
  Homemade Humus, Feta, Red Onion, Tomato, Avocado,
Black Olives, and Mixed Greens on a Ciabatta Roll

Italian Combo
   Smoked Ham, Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Provolone Cheese,
Mixed Greens and Tomato with Pesto Aioli on a Ciabatta Roll
Asparagus Quiche Combo
  Roasted Asparagus and Four Cheeses
Baked in a flaky pie crust, served with choice of House Salad or Cup of Soup

                                       Sweet Apple Croissant
Ham, Turkey, Swiss on toasted Croissant with Mixed Greens, Sliced Apples and Apple Butter 

Vineyard Grilled Cheese
Provolone, Mozzarella and Gorgonzola Cheeses, Tomato, Bacon with Garlic Aioli on toasted Ciabatta 

Mama Jean's Roast Beef Panini
Angus Roast Beef, Sharp Cheddar, Red Onion and Roma Tomato on toasted Ciabatta with Mama Jean's Horsey Sauce on the side. 

Kids Menu

All meals $7.25 and include chips or carrots, cookie and beverage

Grilled Cheese Sticks
Ham or Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
Mini Chicken Salad Croissant
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
Mini Tuna Salad Croissant
Cheese Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza


     Hot Tea (Over 30 blends)       $3.00     Coffee, Hot Choc    $2.00
     House Blend Peach Iced Tea  $2.25     Soda or Lemonade $2.50  
     Apple or Orange Juice            $2.50         

             Assorted Beers, Wines, and Champagne (price varies)

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